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My name is Yujene and I am a Graphic Designer. I'm passionate about Branding and Layout design. My design strength comes from my personality because I love to be organized and thinking. These skills do not stop me from learning new things every moment, and now I'm told to be a great co-worker or designer who could provide efficient feedback for others. If you need a designer who can support you to be the best, I can be your co-worker for the best design for you.

My passion can be shown with my capstone project. This is the most current project that I've created. Cupid is a company that supports minority groups of people by selling the customized products for individuals.


If you are interested more about myself, I am an Aussie mom her name is Estelle:) We both love to travel to new places. We document our precious time together through Instagram, visit and follow us for our joyful journey! We post wonderful and goofy photos and short daily vlog every week.


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Thank you! I will get back to you in 24 hours!

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